Chris Knox founder of Dixon & Moore Photography.


Taking photographs these days is one thing, but calling yourself a photographer takes on a whole other meaning. Anybody, young and old, can get their hands on a cheap digi and snap away.

Capturing life on film is an art.

Since conquering the process of the photographers dark room Chris Knox has only grown his love of film. You wont see him venture far without his Canonette, although the medium format Mamiya is his tool of choice. " I cant bring myself to use my digital camera to shoot portraits, i feel it doesnt do justice to the complex individuals we all are, each film has a different process and journey whether through my tanks or on the bike into the city for the colour emulsions."

“Film has a clarity about it that you wont find using a digital camera,” Chris says, “I love the little faults and imperfections that come with developing. It adds to a photograph and almost becomes part of the story.”

Flipping through his portfolio it is clear that Chris’ talents are diverse. His works range from sports photography to landscape, motorcycles and portraiture. However his passions are steering him toward a career in motorcycle photography. "I love everything about riding, I look forward to riding everyday. I have always got something else that my bike needs, to squeeze every bit out of my NC30. Relaxing in the garage working on bits and peices keeps my mind active so its only natural to want to surround my life with photography and motorcycles. Oh and watching every round of the motogp".

Chris has now completed a Certificate IV in Photoimaging at Ultimo tafe.