Just gonna put through links, observations and work I have been doing.
22nd November 2013
So I traded in the fuji x100 and upgraded to the xpro1 there is a page which is 99% xpro1 I think one sneaky x100 shot got through. Been still shooting rentals and that has been good nothing worth reporting about. Got away for a bit and tested the xpro1 with good results. Still perfecting shooting with it but happy so far.
30th July 2013

Another layer of dust came off the lens this time. Actually I have been shooting lately quite alot but no personal projects only real estate interior photos. Its putting money in the pockets.
I did shoot on Saturday thoughfor a musician friend Zoe Elliot. It was put off for a while for a lack of motivation but when it could be put off no longer we organised a day for it and had to come up with ideas for what was needed. It was for promotional photos.
So I came up with a couple of ideas that seemed to pan out alright and hopefully she was happy.
I'll upload them as they get released to the world.

See the first one here......................................... Click here

January 23rd 2013

Well I dusted off the camera but in video mode this time. Literally released the shutter a handful of times in the last few months. Not very motivated to shoot. Only when something is new. Just got the new pipes for the mc21 from TYGA Performance. So popped the camera on a tripod and installed the pipes.
A comparison of the old stock pipes and the new pipes.

Anyway you can check it out here: .................................................. Right Click Save Target As (66mb)

September 14th 2012
The race weekend has come and gone. So has Spain aswell, It was very fun. We watched people get chased by bulls, skated some spots and watched a whole race weekend. Well I was taking photos. Only bad thing about it was I woke up the morning of the first day to shoot with a massive head cold. Not the best way to start the weekend walking round in 30 degree heat with your head wanting to explode. I could have definately seen myself doing this full time if it wasnt so hard to get into. Oh well such is life. Totally different to be able to roam around wherever you want to get photos in pit lane on the grid and all round the track. It was a very good experience one that I will always remember. Also got some good shots out of the weekend too.
I have made a little page for about 15 shots of the weekend that caught my eye.
I also have quite a few more to upload also of Spain in general but I just went through 2500 shots from the weekend and now i'm over it. So you will have to wait till next time.
I also met the Team Gardner racing which was nice, a great family with a lot of racing still to do and alot of hard work. But great to meet people with such a passion for the sport.

September 9th Albacete Spain CEV Buckler...............................click here
August 18th 2012

So we went on a little road trip to Brussles, Belgium to catch up with a mate I had'nt seen for five years. So that was good and had a couple of days to cruise around and take a few photos. Nothing incredible but fun none the less. Going to Spain in about a week to visit Barcleona and more exciting to shoot the CEV Buckler in Albacete. This will be my first actual race shooting. Should be a good test and hopefully make some friends along the way. Maybe try drum up some interest in Oz for some shots I hopefully get. But I have posted a few shots, one Karina took of me looking at some photography in a cellar gallery. Mostly been skateboarding and hanging out. But the weather is so hot right now about 33 and tomorow 37. So i'll hang out inside. Watch the GP. Havent taken many photos in Köln lately just been living the dream while I can.
Oh got that pimped out bicycle for 10 Euros. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh.
Not that anyone cares I put together a couple of acid drops that I have done whilst away......click here

July 19th 2012
Well Photography has taken a bit of a shadow as we work a few things out. Accomodation and what not/Upcoming plans. And the sachsenring came and went by just as quickly. And the weather was changeable. Sunburnt and rain soaked every day. We were lucky to buy a single day ticket the first day as the layout of this track makes it so you can only see one corner at a time, So we got grandstand seats the last two days. Much better viewing. I have posted a photo of the weather conditions so you know i'm not lying about it. But since then I have not taken many shots. The weather here has been depressing. Rain everyday barr one. II have something inthe works though in Spain hopefully to shoot a round of the CEV buckler which is the spanish grand prix. So that is something. I have been sending out alot of emails, but rejection takes it toll. Anyway moving into the heart of Koln (Cologne) in the next week so I will be able to shoot some more. Till next time.
June 29th 2012
I had a lot of choices after the weather changed for our Grindewalt, Swizerland stroll. I dont think i have ever taken so many photos of the same thing. Every 5 minutes it looked completely different as the clouds were either going past or coming up. I dont think it was possible to do justice to what I could see. But I tried to convey it as best I could. If I was really into landscapes you could stay here for a month and the images you would get would bemindblowing. I was literally only walking around for 3 hours. Definately one of the coolest looking places I have ever seen. I had so many photos it was hard to choose but I have made my decision and put up a couple of the most different. We are back in Germany now near the Black Forest. Driving through it today. No idea whats there, have to wait and see.
June 26th 2012
Well its raining again. We are supposed to be in one of the most picturesque places in Switzerland but its foggy and rainy. We cant see past the trees a hundred metres away. But we had an all time view from Como, Italy. We were about a 1000m up and a storm rolled through and left an amazing sky of light and cloud. Although i was lucky to get anything at all as i had run both batteries dry. But I was able to take two photos by constantly switching them over. The road up the mountain was pretty tight and twisty about aenough room for one car so when there is another coming it makes for an interesting time. We have had some really nice weather though. With clear water and blue skies, so I guess we are due for some rain. It looks like the whole of Europe is covered so its not just one cloud following us, Although if i dont wear a rain coat it feels like it is.The weather is supposed to clear up a bit tomorrow so hopefully I can snap a few shots of some serious mountain scape.
June 18th 2012
Been on the road alot lately never really stopping besides in Biarritz for 7 days, 4 of those that poured with rain. We discovered that all the holes where the water flowed from the windscreen of the car, were full of leaves and crap, So when we took off up the hill, Karina mentioned there was a steady stream of water entering the car. YAY. So we ended up having to pull over and try and get alot of the water out of the car with our hands. Lucky after that it was around thirty degrees so we left the roof open to dry the floor out. It is all good now. Staying with a mate now for a few days in the south of France. Taking a few photos not as many as I would have liked too but enough for the moment. Hopefully take some more as we go across the corte de zeur.
June 6th 2012

So Paris has come and gone ,been and done. Paris is an experience. I think it's a once in a life time place to go, If you can handle the insane amounts of people and the most expensive accomodation around. We were in Montmatre we heard it was the students city. All good until your in a room situated close to a restaraunt looking at your watch at 2am wondering if people are going to go to bed soon, as it was only tuesday.
Tips for the big attractions, watch for the gypsy's asking you to sign something for poverty and that some how means you have to give them money now and if its not enough you read the small print that its minimum 10 Euro. You just walk away. They just pocket the money. I spent many hours eating lunches sussing out how they work the main areas.
Anyway in a place now about 50km away from Bordeaux. We stayed a few nights in Bordeaux but there wasnt any accomodation. Seems everytime we go anywhere there is some kind of event on to book out all the accomodation. But we are happy enough. Bought a couple of skateboards and are going to check all the local parks from now on in. I have had enough of looking at old stuff.
Is this a photography blog? Word.
I was over trying to shoot in Paris, Just tooo many people. But I tried to do what I could. I took some different things some street art and what not. Visited some catacombes that was the highlight for me underground graveyard, skulls and all. Had to take a photo of the eiffel tower. Looks pretty quiet. It wasnt. If i turned to the right there was about a trillion people. camping out in the park in front of the tower. There is pretty much a story to every photo. But I have already said too much.

May 24th 2012
We are now in Orleans, France. The home of Joan of arc. We just ended up here on the way back to Paris. But it seems everywhere you go it will have some mind blowing architecture and churches. You just scan the skyline and you will see something that is a crazy size compared with everything else. I tried to get a couple of shots of the main attraction here in Orleans. Everything is symetrical, One problem with using the fuji x100 is the convergence of the fixed lens. So i'm doing what I can. Sometimes tweaking it out a fraction in photoshop. Because I can't stand looking at a photo that is almost perfect but not quite. So I must fix it.
I shot that church almost as a series of wide, close and interior. There is so much detail in every part of the inside and for that matter outside too. Blown away by how much time they would have spent making it. The doors at the front are sooooooo big. I suppose if you want God in there you gonna have to put some big doors on. Anyway next stop Paris.
May 21st 2012
Well that was a good weekend. Motogp is crazy. Faster and louder than you would ever imagine. Didnt have much of a chance to shoot as I only took the fuji. Did miss a couple of opputunites but was really just there to enjoy the race weekend and that I did. Watched qualifying from the finish line so we could see them fly past and quickly check the times on the big screen. Watched the how do i put it 'disgustingly wet' race from garage vert. Some great over taking moves into that 180 degree corner. Good that Australians were in the top 5 in all three classes. From the TV you can never see the actual tracks contours everything seems quite flat. We have already booked accomodation at the Sachsenring I will hopefully take my Canon to try and get something a little more legit. We have had some endless car trouble already on our adventure, Car got towed twice in three days. Made extra easy when you ask 'do you speak english' and all they say is 'noh'. So challenging but pretty funny none the less. Looking back at it now. I think we have had three days of sunshine in three weeks. So its time for some sunshine and more funny experiences, Anywho. Popped a couple of photos of a church here in Angers, France. Later.
May 15th 2012

Enough said!!!!
May 9th 2012
We have been cruising in Deutschland for about a week. I have shot a few photos around the place in this little village that we are staying in, there is a forest with a river. So I have taken photos of forestry and a river. I have only been shooting on the fuji as lugging around the canon is not my cup of tea. But I did bring it out to shoot a couple of the river. I ended up borrowing a tripod for now its not as sturdy as the one I have but it will do. Green is all I see when im shooting with the fuji through the viewfinder display. If you want good looking landscapes Germany should be on your list. The difference between tree colour is crazy e.g blue mountains is pretty mych all one coulour of tree from the top but here you have about 4 different coulour all grouped together in their colours. I havent been able to do it justice yet so I wont post till i get something worth putting up. Anyway things to do people to see, hahah just kidding I dont know anyone. Should be taking a couple of shots on the weekend of some race scooters. I'll post 'em when there done.
April 29th, 2012
For anyone wondering yes Karina had to wear the head scarf to enter the mosque, I also did but there is no incriminating evidence of me but yes i did pull it off. Also visited a butterfly park that was for me so enjoyable. I cried at the beauty. Not really. We also went to some caves that photographically were pretty cool to shoot because you had a big stream of light bursting through and smoke coming up so you can see the rays really well. Hopefully I could do some justice to the situation. I enjoyed the crazy monkeys that stole a CD off a random lady and ran up a tree all she could say was 'but they're my morning prayers!!' haha and the monkey was over it because CD's are so 1990's. Anywho you know the monkey doesnt like you when he sits at the bottom of the stairs flippin you the bird. Yeah check it again.
The link to the travel section

April 25th, 2012

Well it has been awhile since i have updated anything thats what happens when you are about to get married and what not. Everything went on the backburner while we got everything ready.
So now i'm in Malaysia on our honeymoon, typing on these keys.
So our plans are to spend a week here then travel through Europe and try my luck getting some work in Germany. I have gotten to the point where I know I will not make it in Australia trying to take photos.
So I will try abroad, I have nothing to lose.

January 25th
My mate bought a Gopro camera so we mounted it to the nsr250 and took it for a couple of laps around the block. Was a bit wobbly due to the scabby roads around here. Hopefully ride some smoother roads with it soon. Maybe edit something up later. Here are a few screenshots though anyway.

January 24th, 2012
I had a little vision of a shot I wanted to take when I popped my boots up after going for a fang around the block. I think I got what was spinning in my head. Something a little different from the usual bike only shots. I went for something a little more moody with the lights this time create a bit more of an atmoshere.
January 21st. 2012

Alright im gonna try back track to a day when I was in Thailand. Well a morning of anyway.
I had so many photos from this day but never had a opportunity to use them so i'll make my own and do it now. Well try.

We got up pretty early that day, We needed to as we were heading to the track, Bira on a monday when there was most definatley a never ending stock pile of emails that Paul and Matt needed to answer "where's my package", "It wont fit", " Can i run pedals instead of a motor on my Mc21 Mr Matt". Haha. But jokes aside there was definatley more that needed to be done than being able to head up to the track. I didn't mind I knew it would be a good opportunity to get some shots.

We met Matt at his place in Pattaya where the Desmo had been living and had undergone some surgery to get its stock pipes back on for some compliance issues. So Matt and I headed in the van with the RS250 in the back while Paul rode the Desmo to the circuit. On the way there was a standard traffic accident, Foreigner/ Frang had drunk too much and had driven and crashed into a power pole and the pole was over the road, word on the street was that they may have died. Crazy. So traffic was being diverted through the local school. Only in Thailand. haha.
We made it too the track no worries, Paul was there already throwing some water on the rear end of the Desmo as it was hotter than fire and smelled like something was burning. A few worried glances but no calls of concern, turns out just the smell of the ceramic. This is what some reviewer said

"Whatever you do, don't touch the ceramic housing where the exhaust comes up through the tail - it's hot!"

In a couple of photo's that I took you could see the heat coming out from the tail, mid corner.
...Back to the day.

Matt got his leathers on and put the tyre wamers on the rs250. As i snavelled a few shots in and around the pits.
Matt started up the Desmo, this was the second time i heard it start but its ridiculous, sounds like an angry red demon. Everything else sounds inferior to this, and this was with the stock pipes.

I jogged into a position on the second last corner. Didnt want to miss anything. Matt went out for a few laps pretty tentative, expected with the price tag of one of these things. I heard whispers of brand new tyres aswell which doesnt help with confidence. He was out for about 5 laps or so. Growing with confidence on every lap. Then he went out on a stint on the RS250, You could tell that it is his machine, His weapon of choice. I took a few more shots in different locations around the track.
Matt went out again on the Desmo this time being followed by another guy on a GSXR I think Matt grew with confidence this time around having someone biting at his heels, well only biting because dollar signs were at the forefront of his mind. Probably his competitive spirit also helped things along. I I was shooting at the second last corner again and at the last corner. What I like about Thailand is that I could stand so close to the action. Definitely in a compromising spot. I shot from the exit point on the last corner, if someone lowsided I would have been jumping to avoid the bike and the person. But noone cared noone said "Hey you have to be at least 500m from the track OH&S says blah, blah" I was responsible for my own actions. Made shooting with a 70-200mm do-able.
I read an article that said this about riding the Desmo cautiously "It wants you to run it into a corner and at the last second throw it in as hard as you can. It's like riding in the sand: If you try to go slow it's hard, but if you go fast it becomes easier. I didn't like it at all the first couple of laps!"
Matt did say the more you push it into corners the better it feels.
It was a good opportunity for me to get a few more shots at the track as it was only my second time shooting at the track it went pretty well. Always a few little bits and pieces to refine while shooting bikes flying past.
As the end of the day fast approached I was able to get one outdoor studio shot in the tunnel that leads into the circuit. Matt and Paul were standing guard ready to stop the traffic if any was to come. We had one false alarm but shot it all in five minutes.

Matt's final quote of the day. " I rode the Desmo back to back with the RS250 ...the RS250 is still more fun."

And now the photo essay.


Just to show how much fun Matt has on the RS.........................................
January 13th
Tried to shoot the colourful mc21 in the garage came out okay. I have put it in the auto section aswell as right here...........................................
January 12th

Happy new year and Merry Christmas.
Happy first birtday to my site too. I started te blog in May but the site was live a year ago.

Shot another wedding pre christmas but only just finished them all off. Ill pop up a few shots.

I also have been working alot on the mc21, not buying parts but cleaning as much as possible. I bought a buffing and polishing kit for 8 bucks and it is doing wonders. The bike was left outside for ages and acquire some nasty disease's haha. The forks were a disgrace as was the top yoke, the end cans, heel guards and the tank cap. I have a few before and after shots of the forks and cans.

I will hopefully take a proper photo or two of it soon. Probably another garage special, Although the fairings are pretty rubbish someone crashed it a couple of times but hopefully it wont come up looking too rubbish. Dust off the camera gear again. I mounted some festoon lights in the garge so i can work in there in the night, I was using some 1000 watts halogens but they love electricity too much so maybe i can have the coloured lights in there too. Oh here is an idea, I have a smoke machine as you should already know, So coloured festoon lights on the roof with smoke machining around (if it works how i want it, and then use some gels (technical term for coloured plastic to change the colour of the light) over either the flash or the light. Could be ok. Its just an idea but it might work. So it will be a smoky shot with alot of extra colour around the bike.

December 6th
I havent been shooting much since i got back from Thailand. Although I have a wedding to shoot on friday I think probably the last wedding I'll shoot. Its not my forte. But I'm going to Vanbar today to get some Kodak Tmax 400 for it. Its got very good tonal range and i think it wil be a good chance to use it.
I recently acquired/bought a MC21se for a bargain price and have started working on it. It hadnt been run for around a year was under a cover in someones back yard. So I have been quite busy with that. I'll start posting a few shots of that soon. Maybe make another little thread for it. But I got it started that afternoon and have not pulled the engine right out of it and its sitting on my work bench and its receiving a very extreme clean. I havent done anywork on any engine of any bike so this is going to be a good learning experience for me.
November 23rd

Ah been busy getting back to the real world. Of working in the warehouse.YAY! But managed to edit one more shot from thailand of the kawasaki's difference of about 20 years between the two. Not that you could tell you could when you ride it. The newer one being alot worse yep thats right worse. The NSR 150rr 2 stroke smoked the latest kawasaki 250 literally smoked it.
Im trying to get a little booklet printed before this weekend as well as dusting the shots for the calender as there is a Motorcycle show on and i want to hand out booklet to try get some interest, whether it be magazines or companies. But i went to the printer and they absoloute joke quoted me for 10 postcard size booklets bound and cut for 150 bucks. I have to keep looking.
One photo in the portraits too.

Anyway thats it for now.

November 7th
Dont even think i havent been shooting because i have been flat out but i did make it to Bangkok for an overnighter ad to get some dental work done and get a wedding singer suit. But managed to get to the track this morning ad got some more action shots of Matt on the Desmodeci. Sounded like a deep mechanical rumble. He was pretty tentative at first but got going the second time out. He also ran the Honda rs250 round which was his home you could tell that he had been riding them for years so smooth. Also got to shoot the Desmo in the tunnel into the track which was a spo that i needed to get a shot at was able to shoot it in about 5 minutes because it is the only entry to the trackand its not wide enough for a car and a bike stuck in the middle. So i think it came out the best so far. Ducati red always looks very sleek. I shot a few more shots but as time counts down the shot pile climbs up so its more about shooting than editing. I have an NR and an Rc30 to shoot later this week and a couple more aswell.
November 3rd

If i edit for much longer i think my eyes are going to go square. I have been pretty busy. Shooting and editing. Shot a couple of cbr's a 250 and a 400 together. If i had taken much longer on that i would have been only remains the mozquito's were smashing me. The result is alright. Took some fiddling. But thats photography. As long as im happy with the result. There is one cool section in the photo of the puddle that has a yellow reflection looks unreal. My eyes are about to close over

Its in the thai section anyway.

November 2nd (later that day)
Got to take a spin on an NSR250 mc28 today. Only rode it about 3km. It was fast, the powerband comes on so strong. It has had alot of work done on it, as in nothing is stock. Has the 300 kit on there as well. Dry clutch in there too. I was coming up the road to where the office is and put it in first and gave it some juice and the front just starts coming up off the ground. Hahaha. It was ridiculously fun. Maybe too much fun. I need to get one of these. MC21 though. Eventually. Stop shaking your head curry a man can dream. I ended the day shooting a couple of montages of it. It was pretty time consuming. Shooting then ripping the farings off and reshooting, Spinning the bike 180 degrees then shooting, putting the fairings back on then shooting again. I have edited up one of the shots. It came up well as it was the frst time i'd done a shot like this.
November 2nd

Just finished editing up the three photos from the temple. It was hard to deal with the natural light aswell as using flash. Also i wanted a bit of flare but not at the cost of noise. Oh well you get that. But i think they came up alright. Its quite hard to shoot by yourself though trying to get things in to the right spot to within an inch was impossible. Because the the stand doesnt roll, so it shifts back way too much. There were some like 10 stray dogs around one even tried to runaway wih a pocket wizard and cable attached about a 350 dollar thieving mastermind.Stray dogs turd was at every step which was so good for me beacuse i had to get on my hands and knees just to be able to shoot. I lucked in with those pigeons in the background i had an idea to do that when i saw them hanging out but when i got that sho they never came back down. I grabbed a quick still of those kids down at the river too. In between the bikes. Was a difficult shoot in about 30 degree heat. Flash wasnt recycling fast enough by the end. Anywho gotta shoot another one this arvo too.

If you hadnt noticed i put a thai files link at the top of the page.

November 1st
Im sure your all enjoying Melbourne Cup today. I am not. Shot the two NSR150's the repsol SP version and the RR. Bit of a contrast between the two bikes. Was just taken at the office gardens. Lots of foliage waited there for a long time after to see if anything was going to happen with the light between the trees in the background. You can find that shot in the thai files section. Shooting another two bikes today at this old run down temple looks pretty cool i'm gonna have to try to work the angles because i want to get as much of the temple in with the bike/bikes. If i shoot the bike kinda far away from the temple but me close to the bike it might work well. Always remeber to pack two cf card readers in case one of the pins bends out. Like mine has but i think i saved it with a screwdriver. Shoot is about too get under way. Shots when donewill be uploaded later.
Later haters
October 31st
I hate computers. Just wrote up a little some'en somen and it crashed. Epic. Just got back from the circuit had my first experience of shooting some action. Finally got a chance to use the 70-200mm f/2.8. But I was surprised that i actually got a couple of reasonable shots. I also finished editing the NSR250 mc28 Rothmans special. I think i got roasted though standing in the sun. Also got a nice shot on dusk yesterday at the beach when there was a hive of activity.
Ill put up a temp page for shots of Thailand.

Thailand PAGE......................Click here
October 29th

I'm now in Thailand! Nothing is ever easy especially for me.
Plan: Get on the 6:40am flight to Melbourne, chill till 2:20pm fly to Bangkok. Sounds easy
Reality: Get on 640 flight smooth sailing, Wait till around 130 check in get through customs, Delayed till 4pm. Wait till around then. Delayed 6pm. Wait till 6pm "Flight Cancelled".
Flight rescheduled for 9am the next day. Jetsar put us up in St kilda for the night which is about 45 from the airport. So another 5am start the next day for the bus.
At least the plane was ontime this time. Was pretty over it by the time we got to Bangkok.

So did a little bit of shooting today. Just some product stuff. Some serious reflections to contend with on the carbon fibre gear but such is product photography.
I think i'll get too shoot a NSR250 in the morning then i'm scouting for some hot spots for some more locations. The NSR is just sat in this lounge room with a NSR150sp and a Kawasaki ninja 250. With all these Tyag bits and pieces. I'll start uploading things as they happen. Right now its just a few products like a tank, a top triple clamp and a slipscreen.

October 20th

Been awhile since my last post on here. Have lost some motivation but i have a trip to Thailand coming up in a week where i can hopefully take another step in the right direction. Shooting some stuff for an online performance motorcycle parts site called................... TYGA PERFORMANCE.
Should be good experience and good to make some connections over seas. This indusrty is still all about connections. I am shooting a calender for them which should be a bit of fun.
Hard to know what to bring but i'll let you know how it all goes in regards to it all.
Been waiting for this trip for along time to come round and now its here.
Its going to be good to have a selection of bikes too shoot i'm pretty over only being able to shoot my bike all the time, i think it is too. Keep you posted on it all.

I did a job for an interior designer just shooting interiors and surrounds. Its not my normal ball game but i had a go anyway. As i havent really had too much experience with it, It was a good experience none the less. I'll post some of the shots soon enough.

October 3rd
Shot a couple off in the city today nothing crazy just posted 3 shots that were okay. There was a homeless man in a very humbling position and so i tried to shoot him with the big advert in the background. Anywho just put it in the fuji section. ..............................click here
September 25th

Shot some photos for a friends formal on friday. With help from my chick. Went well, the weather turned bad and I thought we were going to take off with the soft box with how strong the wind was. But we got there in the end.
Shots...............................................................................click here

September 15th
Had a chance to shoot some more in the city with the fuji x100. I found it pretty hard wasnt too inspired or motivated. But that happens sometimes got three photos that i liked though so i guess it not all bad.
The silhouette of the person in the tunnel just kinda happened. i was waiting on the other side of the bus/tunnel for a while but noone came through so i was over it and i just saw someone as i was almost gone and quickly turnes and mananged to get that shot. Would look better landscape. But such is life.
Mx delivery man, I like the framing of the photo being all black around and the bridge being so old. A hundred years ago could have been: the truck = horse and cart, mag stacks = newspapers for street corner sellers. Its very rare in the city not too have cars. I must have lucked in between traffic jams.
Escalators and stairs at central. This photo is lonely. Alot to look at but still lonely.
September 8th

Thought i would get outside today................all the way to my garage. Bought a smoke machine at the end of last year for about 50 bucks. Had attempted and failed at using it once or twice. But i recently saw some shots with the smoke being back lit. I used some 500w floodlights behind the bike and pumped the smoke onto the rear of the bike infront of lights shot at f/8 and about 1/15sec. ISO 100. I hate digital noise. Looks rubbish. Also experimented with my old video light and the smoke for the front of the bike. Here is a couple of sample shots of the smoke setup. Was very tight in the garage so i could'nt get the whole setup. Next time i can open the garage.

number one.........click here
number two.........click here

Im happy with how it came out. Better than my last attempt using it thats for sure. Good to have another little skill for the bag of tricks.

Shot is in the AUTO SECTION.......................CLICK HERE

September 4th

I have now in my sweaty palms the fuji x100. Had to sell part of my soul to get one. I passed on the Mamiya to hopefully greener pastures. We had a great run together but dont seem to find the time to give it a good enough home. Worst case scenario i can always grab another one on ebay, they do come up a bit. I called quite a few different places trying to find a fuji with no success but managed to get one on ebay about standard price. It was brand new but bought from Thailand but no complaints as yet, picked it up from Sydenham, Sydney.
First impressions, Once I had charged the battery and put the battery in the right way up.
Clean. I took it for a quick spin into manly the light was just leaving me for night but that is the best time to take shots in my opinion. Was nice to have a camera again that is light weight, unobtrusive and not have to worry about how many shots i had left on the roll. Also silent. I pretty much just tried to turn off all the stuff that i didnt need. Hybrid viewfinder is cool dont have to look at the back of the camera as it just appears in the viewfinder. Have'nt sussed out alot of the camera yet, Film simulation is nice i always loved to shoot velvia, but when i shoot it in RAW then open it in light room all the simulation has gone. Which is annoying, you can just shoot jpegs though. Its good to have a camera that i can use full time and always have it on me.

Just gonna make a little x100 page...................................................CLICK HERE

August 30th
Just finished putting together a little site for my brothers accounting business. He helps me with mine he might as well help you too.
Check it out here......................... www.knoxaccounting.com.au
August 17th
Picked up a copy of the magazine found my shot on page 62 and 63. Also a small little shot of the bike on the index page. So i have uploaded the photo's into the AUTO SECTION with the page from the magazine. If you just want to look at the magazine shot..................... CLICK HERE
The auto section...........................................CLICK HERE
Pretty stoked with how it all came out. Now i just got to hope for another call back. They seemed pretty happy with how it all went.
August 16th
Looks like the magazine will hit the stands tomorrow. Pretty sure it will be in the centre poster. Shots will be on the site hopefully tomorrow night. Easy.
August 14th
I have been probably the busiest i have ever been. Seriously. I have done three seperate shoots. Every one has been completely different from the next. One I helped a HSC student get an idea from her head on to paper/film/sensor. I also shot a wedding for Travis and Millie. Last but by far the best for the avenue i want to take was doing a shoot for amcn (Australian Motor Cycle News). I am trying to find out about copyright issues as to whether i can put the shot up on my site. Obviously i cant till its been printed in the magazine. I think it will come out in a few days. I'm waiting to hear back from the editor, about a few things.
Photo for my friends HSC piece was good, hadnt really had to deal with a brief since i was at tafe. So it was good to get the wheels moving in my head again. I know she was pretty psyched on the shot which is all your ever really trying to achieve.
I'll put it in the portrait section.....................................................CLICK HERE

The wedding is still in the editing phase as it is a collaboration between me and JAMES GOFF so as i am the editor and with me being so busy (good busy) i havent had the chance to properly make a set for them yet. I think i will have a little bit of time hopfully this week but it was a looooong day. But a really nice wedding. I have had a good look at the shots i'm sure they will be more than happy with the final images.
As for the AMCN shoot. Went with out a hitch. The shoot was postponed about five times but we got there in the end. Were a few changes to location but i hadnt some inside knowledge about a spot around homebush and used google earth to my advantage to find a nice spot under a bridge by the river. A money helped me out again, cheers mate. Final shot came out as probably the best photo i could do so if they are not happy with the final out come i know i did the best that i could do. But in the way of the shooting process, all the lessons i have been getting hung up on has paid off. Ony thing i am concerened about is my monitor is not caliberated yet so i am nervous about the printed result. Next purchase will be a Datacolor Spyder3. But if you see the magazine i'll let you know whats on the cover. Buy and check it out.
July 20th
Put up a quick page of the evolution of my nc30. I just took all the photos with my phone as i was painting like a fiend. The page ...........................................CLICK HERE
Also got my first ever proper shoot lining up for the end of the week, for amcn. Looks like it could be a poster shot. I feel like im being thrown in the deep end. Oh well sink or swim. Had an idea in my head of a spot too shoot which is lucky, As raining is the weathers full time job at the moment. Makes it hard to scout for spots and im working alot aswell. So i went there in the rain and got a quick shot of what i'm thinking.

Something along the lines of this. Well looks like the persistance i have been raving about may have just paid off. I hope the lessons i have learnt in the last few shoots are going to help me out. Hopefully not encounter too many more, well at least not on day one.
Just purchased a canon 70-200mm 2.8 lens. Changed my thinking on the 100-400mm. 70-200mm 2.8mm is indoor and outdoor lens where as the 400 being 4-5.6 is not all that useful inside. So you can add a 2x converter to your 70-200mm and have a 140-400 5.6. But you still have the versatility of a 2.8 lens. Pretty easy decision when put like that.
July 13th 2011

Borrowed the cbr250r again yesterday, If your sick of seeing the same bikes then lend me yours!
Anyway first shot i wanted was a riding shot but the conundrum is i am the rider so i obviously had some help for that one thanks 'a money' for your itchy trigger finger. We were losing light very rapidly so i only had about four goes at the corner (on oxford falls rd). With my 24-70mm it was a bit hard to get right amongst it, but we gave it a try. I'm in the process of purchasing a 100-400mm. As any fixed focal are way outta my price range. Anyway while we were shooting a couple of horses came up by the fence to see what was going on. I argued with them about horse power and managed to get a shot of them. You should have seen them run when 'a money' clumsily climbed up the embankment. They were off hind legs flying and kicking everywhere. I thought it was best ever.
Thats why there is horses in the auto section. I told them they would get a run for their patience.
Anyway next i shot the bike close to home. Tested out the new tr pak ii. Got a converter for the american plug and charged the six batteries that were in their. Oh what a treat. Recycles in a second if not less. I was done shooting in about ten minutes. I was worried i hadnt done something because it was so quick. I even shot it all again, just in case. Anyway the shots are now at the start of the

auto section so ....................................................................CLICK HERE

July 11th 2011
There were waves around on the weekend so i decided to test my luck with the winston churchills
and the rig. Saturday was an epic fail. Had some strange battery issue. That happened after i ran to
the shops to buy more then suited up and swam out. Then i got the error msg. So much joy maybe too
much. Had to go in then. Grabbed my board and got a couple anyway. Of course the camera was
working once i had gone in. Pretty frustrating. Lesson always check to make sure your camera is
definately working and properly setup before swimming out. NO SHOTS TODAY
Sunday a few more waves around and i setup in the car on the way there. Everything was working.
Couple of waves came through the swell was so south that it was inconsistant. But a fun wave would
come now and again. Was'nt really in the perfect place on any. There were a few currents pushing me
about. I posted up three shots anyway..................................CLICK HERE
July 7th 2011
Took only one shot last week. I want to shoot more bikes but i have a limited number to shoot.
Front on NSR150sp. First in the auto section .......................CLICK HERE
Photography is a tough industry. Even if you take good, even great photos that may still not be enough. I finally know what i want to do, If you havent figured it out yet its to shoot motorcycles. I have dabbled in alot of forms of photography for my own enjoyment but motorcycle is where i want to go with it. The challenge of finding new places new ideas and actually be able to put it onto either your film or your chip is enough for me. But just because i know thats what i want to do and thats my passion, still doesnt mean your going to get any work. Its about PERSISTANCE and not letting others get you down about your dream because they dont call you for work. You just got get back up, shoot more send them in and hassle them. I have not been called back, emailed back but i know i just gotta be persistant even when it makes you question this industry. And you own ablility. Thats enough of my lame spiel.
Anyway back to updating my kit for effeciency.
Recieved my TR-PAK II Have only tested it to recycle, not for any proper shoots but does seem
energised. As in recycle time was down, around the one second mark for a full discharge. As
you can see it runs off six C cells plus the four AA's already in the flash unit. I'll update after i have used
it practically.
Was going through some old stuff in my room, anyone that knows me knows i got some serious
amounts of stuff. I found a old video camera light i used to use. The battery was a goner so i figured
out i could use a jump starter that has a car ciggarette lighter on the side. So i have used this to
power my light and i've managed to run it into my homemade bracket for the softbox so now i have a
very, obviously soft light source. I took the NSR FRONT ON photo using this setup.
Obviously this is what i used to shoot the photo of the TR-PAKii
June 26th 2011
I finally got around to doing the fork seals on the nsr150sp and thought i would shoot my old bike and
the new bike together. As the repsol nsr was my first love and the vfr my new current one. Although
chronologically the nsr is 10 years newer than the vfr400. But i do love the repsol colour scheme
hence the vfr's paint job. Always knew the next bike i had, would become another repsol honda.
Shoot went smoothly. I am the type that will learn from the mistakes i make so that i can be a more
effecient photographer. I got my mum to get on the sewing machine to stregnthen my soft box.
Used the portable tv to shoot straight into, Difference is incredible. Same rechargable batteries were
fine 'this time'. As i shot the two bikes under my pagola i had to get a little more inventive with the
lighting but i am happy with the final product. 'A money' assisted with the shoot again, always dropping
gems of advice.Who knew that tab could take away the right side windows and caps lock changed the

precision size of the brush.

Anywho shot is in the auto section .......................................CLICK HERE
I am going to put the newest shot at the front of the auto-section. For the stats.
June 24th 2011
Battery issue is being solved right now. Well its expected in the mail maybe late next week early the
week after. My bare bulb flash is the Sunpak 120j and it can run off a battery pack as well as AA's.
The Sunpak tr-pak ii. As the flash is quite old (doesnt mean bad).The battery pack was not really
readily available. As in ebay had none even in the states. So i was going to purchase a Quantum 1
battery pack and use an adapter, but the adapter was from the bhphotovideo USA so was the pack
so 2 rounds of shipping would be all up $70 just in postage so the Sunpak is more cost effective.
If you do get a quantum 1 and want to know what the cable is............................click here
I purchased the battery pack from a helpful ebayer his store is ........................click here
June 16th 2011
Solved one of my problems as my camera will only tether via ieee 1394, My computer doesnt have
that port. So i purchased a 7' portable LCD TV ($99 at dick smith). This way i can shoot straight into
it via the av out conncection on the camera and check focus on a 7 inch screen rather than the 1 inch
on the canon 1d mark II n. But i did figure out why my last shoot was out. The dioptic dial was all
the way up so focussing in the dark was impossible. I took a quick photo of the device nothing special
but just thought i'd upload a shot anyway.................................click here
June 13th 2011
Had the chance to shoot the new Honda CBR250r today. I already had a spot lined up in my head,
so i snavelled a trusty assistant 'a money'. Headed to the spot. Alot of fiddling around gettting the bike there and my gear. But we got there in the end, was a pretty frustrating shoot, too much went wrong for my liking, soft box busted out of its material setting. Charged my batteries for the setup that day. But when it came time to shoot they were flat. Had one set of disposables about half gone so had to deal with the lengthy recycle time. Worst of all somewhere in there i was out of focus, shooting in the dark and being too keen probably had something to do with it. Luckily 'a money' saw my faults as he was manning the camera and i was able to save the situation before it was beyond repair. A stroke of luck in the frustrations.
Future investments and items needed for efficiency:
Proper soft box. Creative light do a good one for speedlights.
A way of shooting straight into the computer (tethering) that way i have the option of seeing how out of focus my photo's are. haha.
Anyway the Honda cbr250r shot is again in the auto section......................CLICK HERE
June 9th 2011
Been trying to line up some work unsuccessfully, but just being persistant. In the mean time
I went through alot of old footage i had from when i was filming like a hound. Thought i'd put to get one last little bodyboarding clip. Called it "last ditch" as it was my one last ditch effort. Features a few bigger named riders from around 2005'ish era. ........................ Anyway check the vid here
May 22nd 2011
Shot a few shots on the weekend just my bike again. Tested out the new trigger cable i got for my
pocket wizard plus II 's to my 1d mark II n............. THE CM-N3............... Works like a charm.
Made shooting alot more efficient when i'm shooting Han Solo.
Put the shots in the auto section again........................CLICK HERE
May 13th 2011
My sister needs to sell her car so i snatched the chance to shoot something close to the industry i
want to work in. 4 wheels not 2. The Nissan Murano. Anywho i put the shots in the auto section.
If you can't figure out where that is..................CLICK HERE

May 6th, 7th 2011

Dusted off the rig on the weekend (rig being EOS 3 camera, 15mm fish eye and Aquatech housing).
Shot both days.
Swell: 3ft Wind:NW Skies:Clear Location:Narrabeen
First day shot with ilford fp4 125 iso develop time:6.5mins@24deg.
Second day Fuji standard colour negative 100 iso.
Rob Clarke/Poggles riding.  

I shot a mates wedding a while back. Weddings are stressful. Enough said. THE SHOTS.....CLICK HERE